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Studying Material

Study Plan Creation or Improvement

Need help determining where to get started with your study journey?

We can help you create a study plan that is fitting for you. This is a 1:1 one hour session and our study plan will be individualized to your situation and your style of learning. We will create a plan that includes your target exam date.

Support Group

Monthly Subscription Tutoring (4 sessions)

If you need a consistent study partner to help understand these tough concepts, we can help.

 This will plan will include 1:1 one hour weekly sessions for a month, and we will cover any item on the task list you need additional clarity each week. 


Study Strategies Consultation

Need help identifying what techniques would be helpful during your exam?

Strategies for exam!!! Let us help you with how to manage this daunting exam with efficient strategies so you can PASS!! This is a 1:1 one hour session to will focus on your strengths/weaknesses to pinpoint best strategies for you.

Business Consultation

Ethic Guideline support

Let’s study ethics!! Do you know your ethic codes to protect your clients and your self as a practitioner? Did you know that ethic questions are throughout your whole exam? This is a 1:1 one hour session that will help you become knowledgeable on our most common ethically situations.


1:1 Tutuoring Session

Let us help you with those concepts, where you need additional clarity. You can select any item on the task list for us to focus on for the session. You will be provided with in depth explanation(s). This will include 1:1 one hour session of your choice from the task list.

Business Discussion

Behavioral Services

Individual Program Evaluations

Evaluation of the effectiveness of existing behavioral services for an individual or within an organization. Written report including recommendations

Investment Chart

School/ Home/ Community Observations

Onsite observation of individual’s program and/or services (minimum of 2 hours direct observation) at home, school and community settings . Written report including recommendations 30-minute feedback session with parents and parent-requested team members regarding implementation of recommendations 
Note: Travel charge is additional

Taking Notes

 Behavior Coaching Session


If you or a family member are having trouble with managing challenging behaviors that you would like to reduce or eliminate, let us support you. This session is a ONE TIME 30 minute consultation to provide insight on where you can start to work on this behavior or provide guidance on other supports if not in my area of expertise.

Private Tutoring

Group Training

FREE (First Session) Behavior Coaching Session

A variety of ABA topics for parents, teachers, program staff, etc. Sample topics include: Intro to ABA, data collection, limit setting, community integration, physical interventions, etc.

Business Meeting
Services: Services
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